Styrkjaköll í Digital Europe, 22. nóvember 2023

Umsóknrfrestur vegna neðangreindra styrkjakalla hefur verið framlengdur til 22. nóvember 2023.

DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04 (6 topics):
Genome of Europe – DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04-GENOME
Coordination of AI sectorial testing and experimentation facilities – DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04-COORDINATEF
Developing citiverse – DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04-DEVELOPCITI
Highly secure collaborative platform for aeronautics and security industry – DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04-AEROSEC
Cloud IPCEI Exploitation office – DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04-IPCEI-EXPLOIT
Federated European Infrastructure for intensive care units’ (ICU) data – DIGITAL-2023-CLOUD-AI-04-ICU-DATA

DIGITAL-2023-PROGRAM-SUPPORT-04 (2 topics):
Support to Dissemination and exploitation (D&E) – DIGITAL-2023-PROGRAM-SUPPORT-04-DISSEM-EXPLOIT
Supporting the network of National contact points (NCPs) – DIGITAL-2023-PROGRAM-SUPPORT-04-NETWORK-NCPs

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